Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 22, Project 125 Rural Road Sunset oil landscape painting by BECKY JOY

© 2013 Becky Joy   Sunset Road Painting   oil on panel   6 inches x 6 inches   $125.

Fourth of July today and I'm off to a family pot luck. I decided today was a good day to paint one of my paintings where I translate an image into a mood painting using my own inventive colors. This was a road that I pass from Portland to Newburg. My plein air painting helps me to translate colors into my own thing. Both in plein air and in fantasy colors there are relationships between the colors. If it was a light bright green in daylight, it will be brighter and greener than some of the other colors. It is all about relationships.
I just wrote a new post for Easel Notes if you want to check it out. "Paints: Hooray for the Red, White and Blue."
Talk to you all tomorrow and enjoy the Fourth of July

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