Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 21, Project 125 Stoller Winery Willamette Valley Oregon plein air painting BECKY JOY

© 2013 Becky Joy      Stoller Winery Vineyards     oil on panel     6 inches x 6 inches     $125.

Hi everyone and Happy Fourth tomorrow!

This morning I met up with four artist friends at Stoller Winery in Dundee (the heart of wine country in Oregon) to paint at these vineyards. I was first to arrive, then came Brenda Boylan, a fabulous pastel artist who is making a name for herself and Michael Orwick, who is a funny guy and wonderful painter of atmosphere and sunsets. Later Romona Youngquist and Don Bishop. All of them I have painted with before in various places. The four of them will soon be having a show together at Elements Gallery in Newburg.

We laughed, talked, gave art therapy and of course, were served some wine. And, oh yes, we painted too. I started the day with my little painting. I was starting get too caught up in it with all those lines, taking too much time. Then, toward the end, I finally grabbed a larger brush and went for it with a few larger strokes.
Below are some photos of the day. The first is a cute one of Brenda on the hillside painting. Next, Don and Mike talking art, maybe.

          brenda     mike

Then there is the photo of Romona and us girls laughing under the tree about a typo using spell check on the phone. That can get you into trouble.
       romona             laughing

Before the laughing scene I painted my second painting of an oak tree.
© 2013 Becky Joy   Willamette Valley Oak Tree   oil on linen panel   10 inches x 8 inches
Click here to purchase.

Now, a little lesson in pronunciation here. For those that have never been to Oregon or Willamette Valley. They are pronounced Or-ee-gone and Will-aa (like bat) met. Now put it all together, Willamette Valley, Oregon. That's right, you got it right now! That's something all Oregonians talk about, everyone else pronounces it wrong!

Well, tomorrow is Fourth of July, have fun.

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