Monday, June 25, 2012

Plein-Air Painting Workshop with Niki Gulley - Day 6, Monet's Gardens

Monet's Gardens, Giverny, France • 9" x 12" oil painting by Niki Gulley

Day 6 - Art Trek Paris with Niki Gulley and Scott Williams

Between loving the picturesque setting and the excitement of painting in Monet's footsteps, we were inspired to keep creating. With the sun almost overhead but softly filtered by the trees, the colors and reflections on the pond looked completely different than in the early hours, just as Monet's canvases varied so much depending on the time of day and month he painted. We adjusted our colors accordingly and increased our contrast from the noon sun, and then relished in the moment. What a perfect day!

Monet's Gardens, Giverny, France

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Or, if you would like to see this painting or more my plein air paintings and you are in the Chicago area this weekend, please stop by my booth at the Gold Coast Art Fair in Grant Park.

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