Monday, June 25, 2012

Impressionistic Plein Air Grand Canyon Painting

Plein Air Painting at Peach Springs, Az

This impressionistic plein air landscape painting of grand canyon area was done on location or what is referred to as plein air. It was early in the morning and the light in the canyon was amazing. That feeling came through the painting. This painting is 12" x 9" painted on canvas on 1/4" wood board (handmade by the artist). This painting ships unframed. This will make a lovely addition to your collection. Teton Splendor 24" x 18" Oil Price 950.00 This impressionistic plein air landscape painting was based on the my trips to Jackson, Wyoming. The violet colors of the mountains against the greens of the pasture is what I really like about this painting.
Lone Sentry
12" x 9"
Price $600.00

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