Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Art Trek Paris w/ Niki Gulley & Scott Williams - Day 2, Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Rose Window • 10" x 8" oil painting by Niki Gulley

Day 2, Afternoon - Art Trek Paris with Niki Gulley and Scott Williams

After grabbing a delicious homemade crepé lunch, we staked out this quiet, picturesque view of Notre Dame along the Siene. Some painters chose to include the whole scene with river, church and boats, while myself and a couple of others selected this tighter view on just the intricate stained glass of the rose window. After painting the whites and grays of the cathedral in the morning light, I decided to have a little fun with the colors in the afternoon, after all we were in the home of French Impressionism.
Working with complimentary purples and oranges created vibrant highlights, cool shadows and contrasting colors that cause your eye to dance across the canvas.

One of our painters in front of Notre Dame.

Photo of two of us painting at Notre Dame taken by one of our budding photographers along on the trip. Pretty creative!


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