Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Becky Joy oil landscape river, mountain, trees painting

River Light 5x7" oil 

I painted this from a photo taken in Utah. It had been raining and the light came out and hit the bank and trees in the background. I grayed the colors and used violet to contrast against the vibrant lights of the yellows and greens. I used the palette knife for texture.
It was and interesting night tonight, you won't believe what happened. Well, if you knew me, you might believe it. . We decided to step out tonight, so I grabbed my black hooded sweatshirt. I was pulling it on as I walked  through the garage. Halfway out there I thought what happened. "Whoa, Mike why did you turn the lights out?" As soon as I said it, I realized my sweatshirt was on backwards and the hood was covering my face. Total darkness. It took me a while to figure that one out. LOL
Tomorrow I will be going out to the Superstitions to teach a one day workshop with some students. We got lucky, the rain has subsided and tomorrow is the one good day this week. This doesn''t usually happen in Phoenix.
Talk to you all later.

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