Friday, November 18, 2011

Painting Monet's Garden with Niki Gulley

“Monet’s Passion” ©2011 Niki Gulley
12” x 24” textured oil on wrap around canvas

Early morning light washes over Monet’s water lily garden in his beloved home at Giverny, France. Quiet, tranquil colors rim the pond, reflected in the glassy surface, waters casting back sky and foliage in a radiance of hues. Iris leaves front the pond, lilies break its surface, willows brush the water’s edge – everything just as Monet would have seen, now in a fresh, contemporary new work of art.

I'll have several of my paintings from Paris along with my landscapes closer to home this weekend at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas. This is my last art show for 2011, so hope you can stop by. For more details on the show, click here

Or, if you would like to join us in May for our next ArtTrek to Paris, France, and paint Monet's Gardens in person, visit, which goes into detail about our upcoming Plein Air Painting & Photography Workshops. Registration deadline for Paris is today!


E-mail me at for more information.

 Visit my website at to see more of my contemporary landscape paintings.

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