Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jimmy Longacre_subjective realist landscape paintings_ SHADOW LACE

I PAINT WHAT I SEE.  I freely admit that I exaggerate! I'm not embarrassed. Reporting the facts doesn't interest me.  When I see something that inspires me, something that has the seed of beauty, I get excited about what could be. Here, I was walking the trail that runs along a favorite creek, watching for the light, water, limestone and plants to conspire.  When the basic elements come together, the game is on.  I rearrange, extend, trim, add, leave out, change sizes,  and dramatize whatever is there.  It's wonderfully fun, and my embellishments don't hurt anyone.  I'm a storyteller not a journalist.

©Jimmy Longacre 2014
8x10 oil on canvas panel

Jimmy Longacre
subjective realist landscape paintings

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