Friday, September 12, 2014

Jimmy Longacre_subjective realist landscape paintings_ON SECOND THOUGHT

I've been told not to do it.  Don't re-work a painting.  Let it be.  I've been told you can't improve them. Huh? I've been told, it isn't "plein air".  So,…what?  Sorry, I can't resist.  Sometimes, after I've "finished" a painting, I start seeing things I'd like to do to it.  I want to simplify something, tune-up the color, emphasize the focal area, or any number of things that I recognize as making it a better painting, and learning something.  Sure, I could paint it again on another day, and I've done plenty of that.  But, that's different.  That's another painting.  That one will have it's own needs. I'm talking about when a particular painting is working for me on a number of levels, but I'd like to see some changes.  Why not!?  They're my paintings, and I make the rules.

This one was re-cropped from its original 11x14 down to 9x12.  In my mind, composition was improved immediately.  It originally was done in a cool color scheme, and it wasn't "bad", but it seemed a bit lifeless.  I decided to warm it up and control the color relationships for more atmosphere, contrast, and a different feel.  

Here's the original.  Some of you may be saying, "Ooh…too bad.  You lost it."  Well, I had a lot of fun re-doing it.  I learned some things, and …I prefer the new result to the original.  My point is, it's not a contest.  It's about trying anything that I think will make a painting better. Sometimes, a mulligan is just what's needed to get back on track.  

©Jimmy Longacre 2014
9X12 oil on canvas panel

Jimmy Longacre
subjective realist landscape paintings


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