Wednesday, August 21, 2013

End of the Day—Painting, Workshop and Project 125 BECKY JOY

"End of the Day"   11"x14" oil

As some of you may know, I just got back a couple of days ago from teaching a workshop Ohio. I had a great group of students and the class was a resounding success thanks to the organization of Donna Pierce-Clark who put it together. Thank you Donna!

I started each morning with a quick demo and lecture, then everyone went back to their easel to paint. Everyone brought in their own photos which gave a lot of different paintings for everyone to learn from during the critique. Of course, one of the paintings that painted was a sunset. What I hear from most artists is that they want to learn how to paint sunsets and create light in their paintings. Each student was also given my book, Create Better Paintings Using Foundational Concepts which helps to reinforce what I taught and is a good reminder. I was so busy teaching and helping 16 students that I didn't get around to taking a group shot. Below are some of the photos that I do have of the workshop and student work.
Thank you to all my students in Ohio for making a great three days for me. I appreciate each of you and keep up the good work.
I've had plenty to catch up on since I've been gone. One is to get a few studio paintings done. 

Next up, I have decided that I will have to suspend the Project 125. I have had so much happen with family lately and too many commitments that I need to follow through with that are more important. I will continue to paint some small paintings pricing them at $125. each until the end of October. I was beginning to feel too much pressure to do some other work that I need to get done, so......

While I was in Rocky Mountain National Park, I video taped a demo. I will be putting it together for my second video workshop by next week. I'll let you know and I will continue to be posting big and small works both, almost everyday.

Next workshop up is Hood River, OR where I will be judging the plein air show and teaching a one day workshop. Then Sept 27 -29 will be the Carmel, Indiana workshop. Hope to see some of you there.
Becky Joy

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