Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 36, Project 125 Old Red Shack Painting Revisited, BECKY JOY

© 2013   Becky Joy      Day 36, Old Red Shack   oil     6 inches x 6 inches    $125.

Today I painted from an old painting from about two years ago. It is amazing how much my painting has changed in that time. But, I am still on that quest of loosening up a bit. I've always like to look of abstract and realism together. I'm looking to get some of that in my paintings. With this painting, I painted in all the forms, then deconstructed it with my brush. I then went back into it with some strong brushwork. That is what I'm after, it just need some refining and more painting time to get it where I want.

As soon as I'm done here, I'll be gathering my paints together and a larger canvas to take to the Royal Palms Resort tonight. I will be doing a demo this time on a larger canvas. I want to work on some of my thoughts with this painting and my last one. I'll take some photos of it and show you tomorrow the results.

Becky Joy
How to Create Better Paintings Using Foundational Concepts

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