Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 25, Project 125 Baker City Oregon plein air oil landscape painting BECKY JOY

textured painterly cloud painting
© 2013 Becky Joy     Baker City Oregon Clouds   oil on panel     6 inches x 6 inches   $125.

It is been a challenge with the computer the last couple of days. I left my family in Oregon 2 days ago and have been on the road. I stayed the night in Baker City, Oregon which is in Eastern Oregon. The internet access that I had was verrrrry slow, but I did manage to get some work done. And, that was the problem, some but not all the work. I uploaded my new e-book, but was not able to finish the job. So, those that paid were not getting the e-book. Once I got to my friend, Shanna Kunz' house in Utah I finally got a good connection. This morning I was able to finish everything with the e-book and now trying to catch up with the blogging, emails, etc, etc.

Anyway, back on the job here. My e-book, Create Beautiful Paintings Using Foundational Concepts, is now on my website and for sale 
I've got some more photography to take to catch up. But for now, I'm painting with my friend Shanna!

Talk to you all tomorrow.

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