Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 23 Rural Austin Texas Dusk, plein air to studio mood painting BECKY JOY

© 2013 Becky Joy    Rural Austin Texas Dusk      oil on panel     6 inches x 6 inshes     $125.
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This may be Texas, but I'm still in Oregon. I was itching to paint some mood paintings. This is one of them. I used a small 6x6 plein air that I painted in Austin, TX in May while at the OPA Show. Even though I invent the color of my mood paintings, the plein air paintings are very useful to me. The plein air will show me the relationship of colors to each other, which is something that I am still concerned about in paintings that I invent colors. I did change the lighting direction of this painting. I don't always do that, but I felt to balance the painting it was best to have the light come from the right rather than the left. This also left more sky open to put the lightest warmest color in this space. This painting is a little later in the day than the one that I painted yesterday, thus making the sky a cooler color. The ground colors reflect that sky color becoming cooler also.

The original plein air from Austin, TX

I'm excited and humbled to have my painting Strength and Serenity accepted the the American Impressionist Society National Exhibition and Show. It was a good day painting Strength and Serenity in Yosemite at the beginning of my trip.

oak tree field canyon plein air oil painting
© 2013 Becky Joy Strength and Serenity oil 11"x14"

I'll be off and on the road tomorrow, on my way to Salt Lake City to stop and visit and paint with my friend Shanna Kunz. Can't wait to paint with her. I'll be posting something on the drive there when I take a break. The next part of my adventure, Salt Lake City, UT.


Hood River, OR, Sep 4, 1 day plein air
Carmel, IN Sept 27 - 29, 3 day studio
Phoenix, AZ Oct 3 - 5, 3 day plein air
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