Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 13, Project 125 Painting Oregon farms

© 2013 Becky Joy       Oregon Farme, Trees and More Trees      oil   6 inches x 6 inches   $125.

I finally made it to my destination in Oregon late last night. It was a light, typical rain almost all through my drive in Oregon.  I slept in this morning, but did get out for a short time later in the day. In this scene I was attracted to the clouds that enveloped the top of the mountain and of course, the green field.

Everything is pretty green right now, and a nice, pleasant temperature. It will be heating up by the end of the week, sounds like record temps to me. I visited with family today and will be seeing friends and more family while I'm here. I'm a fourth generation born in Oregon City (my son was a fifth). You can imagine that I have a lot of relatives here. It's funny every time I come up here, I'm struck by how green it is, certainly compared to the desert. Summers are perfect in the Northwest.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to start getting out and doing a little more plein air, hopefully early in the morning. You'll see what I see tomorrow.

I still have space in my one day workshop in Hood River, OR on Sept 4 during the plein air event that I will be judging. Check out the details here.

I'll be here tomorrow.

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