Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"AFTER THE BLUEBONNETS" – plein air and studio landscape painting by Texas modern impressionist Jimmy Longacre

Today's painting, entitled "AFTER THE BLUEBONNETS" is a 12"X16",  studio painting, oil on canvas panel, 

by Texas modern impressionist Jimmy Longacre. 

Painted from a photo taken while out painting on a friend's ranch.  Originally intended as a reminder of the gorgeous carpet of yellow wildflowers.  Photos, of course, are often beautiful in themselves, but rarely translate readily into an interesting painting.  The reference photo showed what the "stuff" looked like, but lacked the elements necessary to make an interesting design, the foreground shadows, arrangement of masses, effect of light, etc.  My job was to bring this beautiful sight into a compositional arrangement that was worthy of a painting.

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